Administrative simplification is a must. Research and teaching assignments are the foremost tasks. Consequently the administrative load for professors and collaborators needs to be limited to an absolute minimum. We revise the organisation and allocation of administrative tasks between departments and the supportive central administration. We believe in a specialised services assigned and adapted to the needs of each faculty.

Hurdles that hinder a correct gender and diversity balance will need to be addressed and abolished by focused and fair measures.

Ethics and corporate policy: Rector, vice-rector and the management team will go for a policy that leads “by examples”, by “servant leadership” and “good practices”. The new corporate government will endorse integrity, ethical principles, trust, transparency and open exchange of thought. Reciprocal respect, tolerance, and open dialogue are the keys to avoid polarisation and the promotion of harmonious cohabitation.

Problems will be notified without stigmatising. Every form of unacceptable behaviour will be firmly addressed.