We strive for an adequate contractual position for research staff: We are on the brink of establishing tenured post-doctoral positions that need not necessarily be thought of as pseudo-professorial positions. Research is more and more a team effort in which there is a need of a healthy mix of senior and junior researchers (pre-doc and postdoc level) who together can attract or coordinate research projects and can generate new ideas.

We want to reconsider the work/life balance. UGhent wants to contribute to a healthy work environment that takes its staff’s private and family plans into account. UGhent wants to provide the necessary support and start initiatives that will facilitate the exchange of practical experience.

New job acquisition and evaluation procedures will be developed. This will demand a professional support by HR-specialists along the lines as set out for the recruiting of technical and administrative staff. There needs to be an in-house support system for the recruiting of ZAP, AAP and research collaborators so as make the procedure faster, more transparent and simpler. Evaluating personal talents and the objectives associated with them is done today on the basis of individual responsibilities. We want to turn the development of talents into a collective responsibility.