Guido and Sarah “Together we make the UGent”

Dear members of the Ghent University community.

Saturday May 27, 2017

We confirm an agreement has been developed in view of implementing an ambitious project for the future of our university. We will give you more information in the very near future.

Remember what we promised!

Also during the third round in these elections, our electorate stayed convinced about our programme. Therefore, we keep going for a next round in these elections.  We also remain open for discussions and for lending a listening ear to take your concerns into account. We emphasize the coherent nature of our programme in view of making some decisive choices for the future of our university:

  1. We go for an informed and conscious group of starting students next for guaranteeing that these students succeed in their study career.
  2. We have a clear and differentiated approach towards internationalization. We emphasize the career perspectives of our graduates,
  3. PhD students and post doc staff. We go for more permanent positions for post-doc staff and flexible career perspectives for administrative staff.
  4. We want to boost the collaboration between central departments and faculty level services, thus helping to lower administrative workload of all stakeholders.
  5. We opt for interdisciplinary and society-relevant research, rooted in trans-disciplinary research institutes.
  6. We want to stress a better work/life balance. For academic staff this should result in truly personalised goals.
  7. The integration of the University Hospital (UZ) and the UGent is a key target.
  8. We present a blueprint for a transparent management that gives plenty of room for community participation.
  9. We especially want to avoid power concentration in too few hands and we ant to tackle all types of power abuse.
  10. This calls for a better division between particular management positions and a better rotation in mandates.

We both have a proven track record in a variety of management domains. We also profile ourselves as bridge-builders. We are pictured in the media as integer candidates. We are not affiliated to particular organisations or networks that could bias our management choices and can therefore guarantee an open and fair leadership approach.

Don’t hesitate and – for the sake of our university – vote for us as your new rector and vice-rector!

Check our newest videoclips; they show how we deal with your concerns

Research Staff


Administrative and Technical Staff

Teaching Staff, Professors

Highlights of our programme

Guido Van Huylenbroeck and Sarah De Saeger

“Shaping our university together with our students”

“Focus on research and strive for excellence”

“Investing in our staff”

“Foster internationalisation”

“Towards a positive and stimulating corporate culture”

“UGent as an active player in our society”

“Designing an new management structure   

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